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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cyprus birds November

A few images from my most recent trip to that lovely island Cyprus ! The Black Redstart is quite a common bird to Cyprus,good numbers seem to favour the island and are always a treat to see.This particular bird was around Aspro kremnos damm near to the airport!

Blue rock thrush can usually be relied on to make an appearance,2 birds were found on the dam embankment,these birds are very wary and can be difficult to photograph!

A beautiful male Finsch`s Wheatear can brighten up any ones day when viewed as close as this.Anarita park is a reliable area to find these birds.Returning 2 days later I counted 5 all disputing their winter territories!

A rather distant Spur winged plover was located at Paphos sewerage works.It was my first encounter with the plover and I can`t wait to better my images of these birds.I believe they breed annually at the works,but are well protected behind the perimeter fence!!

Another winter migrant is the Red throated pipit.The bold streaks to the breast and very distinct call alerted me this individual at Mandria fields!Its always nice to show some of the Cyprus species that overwinter here,but my next blog will include a bird that I only dreamed of seeing.Thanks for viewing the blog and take care!


  1. Excellent set of birds and images from your November adventures in Cyprus Paul. Pity the brilliant Spur-winged Plover was a little distant from you, not a complaint you understand, just a pity.

  2. Paul. A very nice selection from Cyprus.The Finch's Wheatear is a stunner.