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Friday, 13 December 2013

Phassori Reedbeds/Cyprus

After my last post,I did say that I`d introduce you to a very special bird indeed,however I came across some more photos of birds that I`d like you see so the special one will have to wait to my final blog I`m afraid!I had a day out with German photographer Albert Stoecker who is now resident in Cyprus and he decided that we should go to Phassouri reedbeds which was about an hours run from Paphos.It was a good shout by Albert as some really good and varied species were seen!

I`d never seen a Bluethroat before,so when I found this one singing from its lofty perch I duly obliged with the camera!These birds breed from Scandanavia through to central europe,but most prominent in Sweden,Norway,Finland etc.

They are slightly smaller than the Robin with a very upright stance,they utilise long hops,varied by fast short runs,when in cover they creep furtively like a mouse and are capable of moving through the denseist vegitation! Migrants utilise ditches and swamp edges rather than drier hedgerows and other drier sites!

I came across this juv Citrine Wagtail amongst the swampy marshland.I was told later that it had been present for about a week and again it was another first for me though I`d love to see an adult in full breeding plummage.Russia I believe is a major stronghold for the Citrine Wagtail with over a million pairs.

Stonechat are one of the most commonest birds that overwinter in Cyprus,they seem to frequent every bush!

Now a species of bird that often go overlooked in the reedbeds are the Crake familly.This Little Crake was feeding contently out in the open for a few minutes!

An adult common crane dropped into the reedbeds with a juvenile in tow.One guy there mis identified it as a Demoiselle Crane which got us going a bit.However Common it was and we were more than happy to grab an image before they took flight!

So Yes it was a fantastic few hrs there amongst the reedbeds,but they are known as a refuelling stop for lots of migrant birds on their way to Africa.Other birds seen were Common Buzzard,Hobby,Marsh Harrier and Peregrine,all on the lookout for a meal!Its certainly a place that I`ll be revisiting in the Spring and again I`ll let you know how I go on.Thanks for viewing the blog and i hope you enjoyed more tales from Cyprus!!

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