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Monday, 12 August 2013

More from Cyprus

A few more pictures from my Cyprus trip above.The Masked Shrike was a bire that I was itching to see and hopefully photograph.Boy did it give me the run around,I only managed to come across it on my very last day and that was from a tip off from a female birdwatcher.It is a slim long tailed shrike and not as auspicious as its close relatives!It uses cover of bushes to hide and then will give good views when hunting,but what a stunning bird with its orangey underparts.
The 2 warblers were nice to come across,the first is a wood warbler that I heard singing in some large trees,its trilling call being unmistakeable.The second warbler being the more common sardinian which seemed to be in every bush!
Sorry for the long delay in posting but will continue at regular intervals now,hope you enjoy the pictures.

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