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Friday, 16 August 2013

Bonellis Eagle at Anarita/ Cyprus

I had the very good fortune of being in the right place at the right time.This pair of Bonellis Eagles had just made a kill literally 100 yds from where I was stood.It was a real coup to be able to watch these magnificent raptors at such close proximity.
The male was the one that had chased what looked like a magpie and had plucked it on some rocks.
Usually they are a distant speck in the sky.thats when you can find them.I met other birders out there who hadn`t come across Bonellis Eagle and they were not very optimistic of seeing them!This one patrolled the ridge quite low down.
Two at once with the smaller male carrying the prey,so priveleged to have witnessed these.
Again a view to die for,less than 40 metres away and captured on camera!
Both birds at rest.The male on the right hand side had chased down a magpie and had it firmly gripped in its talons,the female waits patiently by his side.They showed no sign of eating the kill,but took off with it later maybe to take back to their nest.
I was watching this female Montagues Harrier hunting the slopes when the Bonellis made a guest appearance.Thanks for looking in on my blog and I hope you enjoyed some of my tales from Cyprus!!!!

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