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Sunday, 15 May 2011

More of the Windward and Leeward islands and its fauna!!

Troupial Oriole,the national bird of Venezuela!!

Another of the many Lizards we encountered on the islands,this being one of the largest.

These Grackles were continually on the lookout for food,they patrolled the bar areas looking for any titbits!!!

Whilst sunbathing, some Turnstone appeared on the beach.

Magnificent Frigate birds patrolled the skies above.

This bird is called a Bananaquit,he was nest building.

Bananaquit were common too.

So it was onto a few more of the islands, mainly Tortola/Grenada/St Maarten and Aruba.Each island differed in character.Tortola/Grenada were very rainforesty and green,whereas St Maarten was the Diamond centre of the Caribbean and Aruba was very commercialised and geared up for the Americans so to speak.With only having limited time on each, it was difficult to see everything, so we relaxed by the beaches and strolled around the many shops.Lisa my wife had set her heart on a nice diamond ring, so one afternoon was spent haggling the local jewelers for a good deal.

There were a few opportunities to see some of the local wildlife,so the camera was never too far away.I`d managed to pack my 400 mm lens in the hand luggage so a few half decent images were obtained.It`s just a pity I couldn`t spend more time there, but after all it was a one off familly holiday,and I certainly wasn`t complaining to say the least.I do hope you enjoy looking at a few of my shots I obtained from the Carribean, as I certainly enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture the flavour of the islands.See you in my next blog..........

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  1. Paul. More good stuff from The Carribean... The Oriole and Lizard are colourful characters... Where is the picture of the diamond ring ???

    Weather not looking too good this week...Speak to you later.