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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Carribean Isles. St Kitts

Zenaida dove

Grey Kingbird

Green Vervette Monkey

The ship docked at St Kitts for the day,giving us ample time to stroll around the shopping area and take a taxi to one of the local beaches.There is a small colony of monkeys by this particular beach which had been introduced to keep the rodents down.They had been accustomed to being fed nuts by the local residents and bar owners and so would come right up to you looking for food.It seemed strange being there surrounded by these Green Vervette Monkeys!

A few pigeon type birds were foraging on the floor,these were in fact Zenaida Doves known locally as Turtle Doves, they seemed to be common on most of the islands we visited.I managed a quick shot of a Lizard scurrying across the footpath,not to sure on the correct name but it paused briefly in the warm sunshine before dis appearing into the undergrowth.You just didn`t know what was going to turn up next.Whilst sunbathing, I noticed a large raptor type bird directly in front of me,it started to hover over the water looking for fish, this turned out to be an Osprey, but I didn`t have my camera to hand as it drifted lazily overhead!!

One of the last interesting birds I spotted was a Grey Kingbird perched on some low bushes behind the beach.It resembled a large Shrike in appearance and let me get within distance to photograph it.I was to see more of these birds later on some of the other islands we visited as they are quite numerous throughout the Carribean Islands.


  1. Paul. Nice you found time to capture some of the St.Kitts wildlife in between sunbathing and sightseeing. Look forward to more from The Carribean Isles.

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