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Thursday, 20 August 2009


After leaving Cambridgeshire,I headed for the Suffolk/Norfolk border.One of the wardens at Fen Drayton had told me about a small secluded spot,where there was a good chance of seeing Stone Curlew at relatively close quarters!He mentioned that on occassions, he`d seen up to 12 of these birds post breeding.
The directions he gaveme, were spot on ,and it wasn`t long before I was scanning the Heathland with my binoculars.I located three birds at a distance of about 120yds.They were well hidden in the heather with just their heads visible.I took a few shots and decided to move on!
About 200yds further down the track,I stoped for a quick recce with the binoculars. Scanning left and right,I picked up a group of 7 birds amongst the heather,possibly some of these were juvs.I clicked away merrily with the camera for a good few minutes.
Walking back down the track towards the car,I heard Yellowhammer and Woodlark singing ,quite close by.The Yellowhammer was posing nicely on top of a gorse bush.It seemed to be feeding youngsters, as it had a beakfull of insects.The female was also in close attendance,so I quickly moved away, in order for them to carry on with their parental duties!We don`t have many Yellowhammers in my neck of the woods, so it was a moment to savour watching these colourful little birds!
The Woodlark was chasing insects in the vicinity of the gorse.Every now and then it would run,stop,cock its head then sort of jump onto some sort of prey it had spotted in the short grass.Again another rare bird we don`t have up north,and I was glad to take a few pictures of its daily routine.
Driving back to my base,I wondered what tomorrow might have in store for me,I`d had a cracking day`s birding, and managed a few decent shots with the camera as a bonus.
Maybe I`d have a chance to see a Hobby.A bird that has always been in the back of my mind for a while.At present it`s being very elusive, but things come to those who wait,so people say,
So I`ll continue at a later date about my ramblings ,and hope you enjoy my goings on in the Brecklands.


  1. Paul.Enjoyed your account of an excellent day's birding in Breckland.You had great views and shots of two very special birds with Stone Curlew and Woodlark. Look forward to more accounts from " Way Out East ".

  2. More to Follow Brian.Just trying to catch up!

  3. What a good day. I've never seen a wood lark....