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Monday, 3 August 2009

Early morning stroll.

As the forecast was quite good, I decided on a short walk round Brockholes, in the hope of spotting a Hobby that gets reported frequently from there.
On arrival I had the place to myself,unusual for a Sunday morn I thought.Scanning in front of me I located a few Black Tailed Godwit feeding in the margins,the usual Mallard and Lapwing and a few Oystercatchers.A heron was in its usual place by a small willow,it`s head tucked under its wing.
I moved further round the footpath to a gate,which gives good all round views of the main lake and the wood .Immediately over the wood ,I picked up a small raptor,Kestrel.It lazily drifted towards me then turned away over the belt of trees to my left.Something a lot larger appeared on the horizon,As it got closer I identified a Buzzard.It began to hover over the wasteland looking for its next meal.No such luck this time though.I took a few snaps with the camera before it departed.Not that long ago a Buzzard was a rare sight in these parts,they seem to be spreading a bit further South now, from the the Lakes and Cumbria!
The Hobby I hoped for, never materialised, but I`m a determined sort of guy,and i`m sure before they depart South to Africa, I`ll get onto one with the camera.They should be about to fledge youngsters about now, which further increases my chances.If I do, you`ll be the first to know.So with that in mind,I`ll leave this post and continue the story later!!!

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  1. Paul. You are a determined man and I know that sooner or later that hobby will appear infront of your lens. Well done mate.