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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bowland Fells in Summer.

Hares have been very plentifull around Bowland this year and early mornings sees them up and about in the many meadows and fields that surround Bowland.A quiet approach usually guarantees a few decent images!

The usual Adder hotspot can be relied upon for some good views,ut as the summer progresses,they shoot off into the bracken at the slightest movement.This female was sunbathing in a clear area whe I found her!
See the colour difference in this male,a lot darker!
Again he was enjoying the heat of the sun when I found him!
This hare on the other hand was busiy feeding in the shade at the side of the road.
Bowland never fails to produce something to keep me occupied with the camera,and I shall return there time and time again to enjoy her wildlife!!See you all soon and keep well.

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  1. Hi Paul, glad you have been seeing the adders in summer too. We met in April at the site when I was with Carl, haven't been back again this year as I've been monitoring my usual site. Very nice photos and keep up the good work, I'll add a link to your website on mine.
    All the best,