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Friday, 20 June 2014

Iceland (day 3)

The next day,I was heading across the peninsular in the direction of Stykissholmur, another small fishing port again on the north east coast.Leaving the coast I cut through more volcanic mountain passes,snow was more evident at this altitude and to be honest wildlife was pretty thin on the ground.The ever present Whooper swan was seen in groups of 1 to 10,with the Raven thrown in for good measure!The pictures below are a selection of images that I took later in the day,the Snow bunting came completely out of the blue really, as it was a bird that I`d sort of forgotten about,what a treat I had when this male and female landed close by!Ptarmargin was also a bird high on my hitlist,I`d never encountered these birds before,even back home but they ended up being quite common out here,though they still needed a cautious approach!The Slavonian Grebe really are common out in Iceland,but for whatever reason I struggled with them,have to save them for my next trip!
Ptarmigan still in winter plummage,brilliant!
Even better when they pose like this for you!!
It didn`t pose for lon though!!
Ringed plover were plentiful,this bird had a nest with 4 eggs near by!
Slavonian or Horned grebe,common out here but not for me!
It never really gets dark at this time of year as this picture proves,it was taken at 11.30pm,just makes you wonder how the wildlife adapts to the long daylight hrs,certainly plenty of food about for them to feed on,bet its non stop when they have young to feed!So that was another interesting and long day I had in this great place,I was more or less in the middle of my holiday now and I wondered what else lay in store for me.I`ll tell you in my next blog and thanks again for looking in!!!!

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  1. Paul.Wonderful birds,magnificent scenery and plenty of daylight. A photographers dream !! Love the ptarmigan flight shot.