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Friday, 9 May 2014

Nightingales.Top of the feathered crooners indeed!

With the rain beating against the window and the blustery conditions rattling the trees, I`m sat at the computer catching up on my latest blogs.You wouldn`t think it was May with all this unsettled weather,but hopefully it will all change very soon. I`d been planning a trip out towards Lincolnshire, in the hope of seeing and more importantly hearing Nightingales,which would be fresh in from Africa.The area I knew about was favoured by these birds and up to 12 singing males had been present by mid May last year.An early start and I was on the road for 4.30 am heading east for the M62 then onto the A1.The 130 mile journey was relatively straight forward and I pulled into the car park full of hope.As I assembled the gear, a Nightingale could be heard singing in the distance. I followed the delightful sound and was soon pointing my lens at one of these robin sized songsters.They are the masters of birdsong....top of the feathered crooners.Experts have studied the song and concluded they have a repertoire of 1160 different syllables,compared to 108 of a blackbird and 341 of a skylark, just listen to this amazing song on the clip below!.I took a few images of the Nightingale and one or two of the other migrants that were around,hope you enjoy them and as a bonus I`ve included a video of a Nightingale in full song. Thanks for dropping by and looking in and catch up with you all soon!!

This one was nest building close by!

Great views were had of this male.

Singing his little heart out.

Pretty non descript really with its dull plummage but what a voice!

Usually a rather skulking bird but this one showed very well.
Garden Warblers were also in the vicinity with their scratchy song echoing around.


  1. Brilliant images of the brilliant Nightingale Paul. A bird I'm not ever likely to see in my area in the north of England anymore, but one I managed to see and sound record on a visit to the Salthouse Heath area in Norfolk a few years ago now....happy days!

    Top of the feathered crooners....I'll second that, excellent stuff Paul.

  2. Paul. Wonderfull stuff..Great images and the video is superb.The song is unbeleivable