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Friday, 25 April 2014

Grand Turk (turks & caicos islands)

Killdeer.This wader is similar to our ringed plover that we have in the british isles.Its about 15% larger with a longer bill and strikingly longer tail.Noticeable are the 2 black chest rings.Last year one of these birds dropped into a local wetland causing much excitement amongst the birdwatchers.Its call includes the classic `kill-dee` whence its name derives.A lovely bird to observe with quite a few being present.

Very approachable with the camera!

Blue heron were also quite accomodating.

Iwas surprised to find this Whimbrel amongst the scrub by the lagoon,good numbers are migrating north through the country as I type this blog now.Lancashire was always a good stop off  point for the birds to refuell.The river ribble nr to brockholes nature reserve was a favoured area.

An American Kestrel rests atop a telegraph post.Plenty of insects were available for it to feed on!

The northern mocking bird is similar in size to our blackbird.Its babbling song contains much mimicry and was a constant sound to be heard on the island.

This brief view of a warbler turned out to be a prairie warbler,very common in southern america!Almost in full breeding plummage.There wasn`t too many birds to be seen really on my walk around,but I think that was due to the time of day.Early morning would surely produce many more species.

Well another sunset to finish off the day.always totally relaxing to watch the last embers die down!!!

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  1. Paul. Like the elegant killdeer and the super looking blue heron.Yes whimbrel currently on show locally.Thanks for sharing some of your holiday pics !!