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Friday, 28 March 2014

Dominica (Caribbean)

I was fortunate to visit the Caribbean holidays with my wife recently,taking a 2 week cruise around the islands.The islands were very varied in habitat and appearance but none the less the birdlife was well worth observing.These sequence of images are from Dominica and show some of the waterbirds that favour the estuarys and lagoons.

The first 2 shots are of Snowy Egret which were wading the shallow waters looking for food.Very similar to our Little Egret that we have in the UK!

The Heron sized Great White Egret was also about,and it was interesting to observe their different fishing techniques.

The Green Heron was sharing the estuary and waited patiently for an opportunity to strike.

This little Heron was an expert fisher and very rarely missed an opportunity to catch its prey.Whilst I watched it took 3 small fish in quick succession!

A really colourful individual,this one took time out to rest in the shade!

A very common wader was the Spotted Sandpiper,they seemed to be everywhere with their trilling call always evident.

A Grey Kingbird was waiting on the wires for any prey to pass,and would drop down to the ground to take beetles and other small insects!

After a hard day seeing the local sights,it was only natural to enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

And of course enjoy the marvellous sunsets that the Caribbean is reknowned for!More from the islands will follow shortly,Thanks for looking in!!!

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  1. Paul. Good to see you blogging again. Great selection of birds from Dominica.I like the look of that cocktail as well !!! Catch up with you soon.