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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Horwich Glossy Ibis x 4

Checking the local bird site forums recently,I was made aware of 4 Glossy Ibis that had decided to drop into some farmers fields nr to Bolton,gtr manchester.A quick 25 min drive and I joined the hoardes of enthusiasts gathered along the B road overlooking the fields.

4 birds were avidly feeding in a ploughed area of the meadow.

I think this bird was a juvenile due to its dour plummage.

Constantly probing the earth and feeding mainly on earthworms.

The following day the light was a lot better and I returned to capture more images of these `black Curlews` as one guy described them,a good comparison dont you think!

Its always nice when rarities appear,but better when they fill the frame.

They have been present for over a week now and flit between 2 sites 3/4 mile apart.If you are local to Bolton and have a keen interest in birds,why don`t you pop along to the Bob Smithies pub on Chorley old road where you will encounter these very tolerant birds!!!Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time to read my latest blog!!


  1. Great images Paul,my fav has to be the fifth one down.I`m trying to get there today.

  2. There appears to have been an influx of these 'Black Curlews' with an apparent other four in our area too a few days ago, and this is a good record of the Bolton birds through these excellent images Paul. The one having a wing stretch has caught the moment perfectly.

  3. Paul Excellent shots of the " Black Curlews" .As Pete says there has been an influx recently.Nice to have them so close to the lens.Enjoyed the chat yesterday.We are due a trip.