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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pectoral Sandpiper,Greater Mancs!

News reached me of a juv Pectoral Sandpiper at a reservoir on the outskirts of Bolton,gtr manchester.An early start and I was on site for 7.30 am.The water level was well down with plenty of mud to go at,ideal conditions for waders.A quick scan round and I was soon onto the bird at a distance of about 75 metres.Suddenly a sparrowhawk appeared,flushing everything in site and it wasn`t until a good hour had passed that I got onto the sandpiper again.A few other birders had arrived by then with the bird relocating to a different part of the reservoir.

We were able to approach to within 15 to 20 metres of the bird,which was sheltering behind a large rock.The light wasn`t that good by this time but I obtained a few images to share with you of this nearctic wader!!

Pectoral Sandpiper,a bird of the high arctic that winters in south america,places like the pampas in Argentina!

It is one of the commonest nearctic waders to europe,and is annual to Britain and Ireland,usually associated with Atlantic depressions.

It is a rather erect Sandpiper,with a straight tapering bill and yellow green legs!

This particular bird took refuge for a good while behind this rock,after having been flushed by a Sparrowhawk!

It breeds alongside birds such as Least Sandpiper and Temnick Stint!

Obviously not used to humans,it give us all good views.

Well worth the early start to see!


  1. Image No 4 is the winner. Great you got to see this bird Paul....EXCELLENT.

  2. Great pictures of a rarity in your area.