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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Size comparison with Kestrel.

Stunnin birds.

Stunning plummage.

Roller investigates a nest box.

Little Bustard.
Still in the region of the Alentejo,Simon took me to a set of old ruins were a colony of Lesser Kestrels had taken residence.Lots of nest boxes had been put up to encourage the Kestrels to breed.Amongst the many Kestrels were a couple of pair of European Roller,now this bird was high on my wish list to see never mind photograph!The Rollers were also evident around the nest boxes, for they were also known to use the boxes to breed.They had even been known to oust the Kestrels from the nestboxes and take over it,successfully rearing chicks.What amazed me were the size of the Rollers,they seemed to dwarf the much smaller Kestrel.The colours of the plummage was something else.I obtained a few shots of them going about their daily business which I hope you enjoy plus on the road away from the colony,I was fortunate to get good views of a Little Bustard calling, surrounded by the stunning fauna that abounds here...

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