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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Farne Islands (Part three)

Bird numbers on the islands

Mind you`re head!

Arctic Tern, long distance migrant.

Kittiwake and chicks.

No shortage of food for the youngsters!


Brooding Shag!
After leaving Staple island, we headed for the next port of call which was Inner Farne.This island is noted for its breeding colonies of Arctic and Sandwich Terns, which as we were to find out, were very aggresive to anyone that ventured too near to their nests.They were literally everywhere,sitting on eggs and feeding youngsters.You really did have to tread carefully along the winding footpaths that led around the island.It was imperative that you wore some kind of hat as the terns would swoop down on you,some landing on your head.One unfortunate gentleman got a nasty peck and his wife was hastily trying to stem the flow of blood running down his balding head.

Again Puffins were evident all along the bankings,continually coming in off the sea with beakfulls of Sandeels,this time they were left in peace as the gulls didn`t seem to bother them.Further towards the edge of the islands on the cliff faces,Kittiwakes were busy tending to their offspring,precariously balanced on the many ledges.They were in competition with Razorbills and Shags that also needed room to bring up their offspring,but somehow they all managed to squeeze into the tiniest of places.I didn`t realise how strikingly beautifull Shags were, with their amazing green eyes and gorgeous greeny black plummage.It`s only when your`re up close to them that you can appreciate their true colours. I think being so close to all these breeding birds and watching them in their true environment was a real education and an unforgetable experience,one that I will surely remember for years to come.For any bird enthusiast or photographer it is a `must visit place`with June being the best time to visit.I hope you`ve enjoyed reading about my trip to the Farnes as much as I did visiting there,what a wonderfull place!!!!!!!!

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  1. Paul. I have enjoyed very much your accounts of your trip to The Farnes and you have returned with some super images and great memories of the experience. One I hope to enjoy with the camera maybe next summer. Catch you soon.