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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day three at Lakenheath

Elusive Golden Oriole Preening!
Very difficult to see!

Returning back to the youngsters!

Bearded Tit!!

Tree Pipit!

Beautiful Yellowhammer!!!
So my final day in the Fens again began early with another 4.00 am start.I decided to split my day into two halves.Morning would be a walk around Lakenheath reserve and later in the day I`d spend some time wandering around the Brecks,an area that produces different species of birds.
Every morning the call of the Golden Oriole would echo through the Poplars,search as I might, he was extremely difficult to pin down.Today being my last day I would give it my best shot.He usually flitted between the two plantations, a distance of say 100 yds,thats where I decided to position myself in the hope of a flight shot.Standing in the clearing all was quiet, then he made himself known,about 3oo yds further down the track,ah well a few mins later and I was directly underneath him.Scanning the foilage without binoculars there was a sudden movement,is it,yes, black and yellow.Just had to get the camera on him now before he moves.Eventually he came into the viewfinder,he was on an exposed branch preening.A few rushed shots, then he was gone!At last I`d obtained a few images of the Oriole!!
Feeling pleased with myself,I moved down to the bottom viewpoint where I knew of another pair of Barn Owls.These had chicks too and I watched an adult quarter the meadow catch a vole and return to its nest in the small half moon shaped building.Soon he was out again heading up the river this time to a new feeding area!
I located a male Bearded Tit flitting across the reeds,ping ping it called as it landed on a reed stem,giving me good views.These are pretty local to the reserve with over 70 breeding pairs.A beautiful bird with its black and chestnut markings to blend into the reeds with!With that I walked slowly back to the carpark for a cup of coffee and sandwich.The reserve had given up some wonderful species to me and I hoped to return in a few months time to see the common Cranes which also breed there.
Now it was onto the Brecklands,only a few miles down the road with its varied habitat.With it being midday the temps were into the 70`s.not ideal birding conditions but none the less, I managed to watch a Tree Pipit soar up into the blue sky then transcend down to a clump of bracken,singing its flutey song.A few minutes rest and it was on the up again to descend spirally on to the top of an Alder tree.The Brecks are perfect for these birds as well as Wood Larks which also abound here.A bird I kept hearing was the Yellowhammer, constantly calling its distinctive high pitched song.I located it sitting on a dead tree branch right by the car and it stayed long enough for me to get one or two nice images.
The sun was beating down now and I was flagging rapidly.Eight hours of lugging the big lens about was taking its toll,so I reluctantly returned to base to pack away the tent and start the 4 hour journey North!I`d had an amazing last 3 days down here and to capture a few moments with the camera, was an added bonus.I do hope that you`ve enjoyed my ramblings and I`ll leave you with some of the images I captured!!!!!!!!!!


  1. An good account with excellent pics two of which have 'flown off' to Birds2blog (with credits of course) which I hope is OK with you Paul.

  2. Paul. Another excellent account of your recent trip South. Great images I particularly like the yellowhammer.Also like the new header with the Black Kite. Keep up the good work.