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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Barn Owl Delight

At long last,I`m able to post a few images of a Barn Owl that I was kindly put onto by my good friend Brian Rafferty.They are literaly non existant where I live,so travelling the 20 or so miles to photograph the Owl was a pleasure!
After meeting Brian, he guided me to the corner of the meadow where the Owl usually hunted.The best part of an hour went by with no sign of the Owl.Brian assured me it would show sooner or later as he`d seen it on every visit.I kept scanning the far side of the meadow and hedgerows in anticipation!Yep suddenly without warning there it was down to our right.This time it had decided to land in a sycamore tree about 1oo yds away.`Dont worry he`ll come right by us,he usually lands there first, weighs the situation up, then proceeds to hunt the railway embankment and the meadow!
A few minutes later and he was up and on the wing, scanning the tussocky grass for a shrew or field mouse.A couple of times he came within 15/20 metres of us giving us fantastic views!We just stood there in awe, watching this moth like creature going about his daily business.He wasn`t the least bit concerned about our prescence, as a few times he looked straight at us as he glided by.
The light was fading fast ,so we decided to leave him alone in his hunt for prey.Nearby in the barn his mate would be anxiously waiting for him to return with supper, as Brian had informed me there was a pair and on one occasion he had witnessed both birds out hunting,now what a sight that must have been!Lets hope that the birds do well breeding and that maybe they can re-establish themselves as once before!


  1. Lucky you, a lovely bird and better shots.

  2. Paul. Delightful indeed !!!.... We are very lucky to have this wonderful bird not too far away.

    Nice account and excellent shots of the barn owl.Let's hope we can enjoy many more encounters with this delightful bird.

  3. Excellent shots Paul.
    They really are a delight to see.

  4. I have always wanted to photograph a white owl as you did and just watch them!

    I am so happy for you to get to enjoy that moment.

    I have not had any photography lessons and just use auto focus Sony digital camera.
    What do you think of the Nikon slr 90, and what type of lens for zooming does one have to have to use with an SLR like the Nikon to get bird photos such as the owl?
    May I ask what Canon camera and lens you use
    it is an SLR?

    I am trying to learn what to look for when I get another camera..

    I think I have worn my Sony h-1 digital with 12 optical zoom out in the last 5 years..

    It does not take crisp photographs each time
    as it did when it was new..It is not focusing
    as it did when I got it on auto focus.