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Monday, 16 November 2009

Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Diver.

Up early this morning having got wind of this bird nearby.What I hadn`t contemplated was the gale force winds and lashing rain I encountered on my way to the reservoir.Must be completely mad I thought as I made my way over the tops to Rochdale.At one stage I nearly turned back!

Arriving at the carpark, I wasn`t surprised to find I was the only one there,Had the bird gone!An hour later I`m still sat in the car, the rain hadn`t abated since I set off and worse my flask was nearly empty.A slight chink in the skyline gave me some encouragement.Ah well, get the wet gear on and I`m walking down the bottom end of the lake keeping an eye out.Nothing except for a few Grebes,and not even another birder to talk to.I head back towards the car, the rain has nearly stopped now and I scan the lake for further signs.A few comorants get the heart beating faster, surely it has to be around.Looking beyond the comorants and something `s patrolling the far bank,just can`t make it out at this range with the binocs.Moving closer another birder appears in the direction I saw the bird.She`s looking intently at something.Yep it`s the Diver, and by the time I get the tripod set up,it`s moved directly in front of me about 45 metres out.Thank God for that I think as I take a few shots.Iv`e never seen one before so its a lifer for me, but blimer what a challenge in these conditions.It just makes it worthwhile when you do finally get a few images, though this new found hobby of mine is becoming harder in the Winter months.Roll on Spring!


  1. This is called dedication Paul......Good on'ya.


  2. Paul, congratulations, only a few weeks to go till the weather improves. Those few weeks usually entail swapping camera batteries and dropping expensive bits, but make one rejoice in the first gloveless shoot of the year.

  3. Paul. As Pete Woodruff says this is definitely total dedication. A super lifer for you and you got the images to prove it, despite the terrible conditions.Well done mate very well deserved.

  4. Just like to say thankyou all for your comments.Very much appreciated!

  5. A grey bird on grey water - not easy to spot. Glad it paid off.