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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Time spent with Hobbies!

Thought I`d post a few shots of some juv Hobbies that I had the good fortune to watch earlier on this year.It is only in the last few weeks that they have departed our shores for the warmer climes of Africa,who can blame them for that!
The Adults raised three youngsters in an old crows nest within the branches of an oak tree.On leaving the nest they remained close by for over 4 weeks giving me a great insight on their daily goings on.
They really are masters of the skies, catching insects /dragonflies/butterflies and eating them on the wing.The adults can outfly Swifts and swallows which make up the bulk of their prey.When the young fledged the nest if any other raptor approached nearby the adults were quickly on their case chasing them away.
I spent many an hour watching their antics and can`t wait for them to hopefully re-appear next May!

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